Residential D2D

If you’re looking to grow your consumer customer database – SIQ’s residential offering is a highly effective option to deliver high sales volume without compromising on customer experience or increasing your risk.
We offer dedicated end-to-end outsourcing, along with bespoke lead generation through our ‘PANDR’ sales team.
We are subject matter experts in the Australian Consumer Law – and members of the Sales Assured regulatory scheme. With our own e Learning platform, an extremely thorough recruitment and training process – we minimize risk and deliver one of the lowest complaint-to-sale ratios in D2D.
Our engagement model provides a cost-effective, performance driven solution for clients – while ensuring sales teams are well rewarded and requirements met with Fair Work Australia.
Using iKnock tablet technology we are able to effectively manage territory, sales performance – and enhance the customer sales experience at the door. Additionally, our clients have full visibility on rep activity and sales performance in real time.
Our dedicated teams become your brand ambassadors in field, acquiring customers on the spot – while also driving additional traffic through to inbound, online and retail sales channels.
If you require a more cost effective, or niche approach – our PANDR sales team can assist with lead generation and offer based coupon sales. Check out for more detail.