Lead Generation

In a competitive market with a high level of direct sales activity, consumers, businesses and our clients have been crying out for change.
Customer experience and quality of sale are too often compromised – resulting in increased risk, lower sales volume – and an increased cost to acquire for clients.
PANDR is an innovative method for customer acquisition aimed at turning the traditional approach on its head. We put our brand on the frontline and with a unique sales approach, deliver a quality-first experience with a blended product offering.
PANDR offers a number of different ways to engage your customer and through our CRM and client portal, the ability to track and convert using our team or your own.
Unlike many other lead generation sources – the PANDR promise is to never sell your lead to a competitor. PANDR also allows you to tailor your lead generation exactly to your requirements and deploy a new campaign within days.
PANDR is available both in the Residential and Business markets across the Eastern Seaboard.
If you are looking for customers, PANDR Makes it Black and White.